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Management Facilities, East Midlands Gateway

These two buildings form the entryway into the Distribution Park at EMG.

Being highly visible from all aspects, the design provides a consistently high-quality composition and material finish all around.

The external walls use a palette of glazed bricks, dissected with glazed elements, set beneath a butterfly form roof, to provide a striking first impression at the gateway to this significant development site, and to respond to the human-scale of the activities contained therein (in contrast to the large logistics buildings beyond).  The glazed bricks serve to raise the status of these buildings, ensuring that they stand-out, shimmering against the changing path of the sun, but also as a reference to the strong local traditional of brick-making in the local area.​

Client: Segro
Area: 180m2 / 1,938ft2
Location: Kegworth, M1, J24
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