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Hotel La Tour, Milton Keynes

A new 261 bed 4* hotel with extensive conference facilities in a central, elevated location in Milton Keynes.

The building is located at the highest point of the new city, visible- and providing views- for miles. This prominence led to the building undergoing an extensive stakeholder consultation, with real and significant changes to the design. The top floor is the Hotel restaurant and bar but also includes See:MK, a public access space to inform visitors to MK through views over the city’s unique layout, and through cinematic storytelling.

The building form is a simple split tower, minimal in form and detail with mirror cladding; all capturing the classic forms of the city. With this overall simplicity forming a screen, the East facing façade includes a huge circle, which will be illuminated at night to form both a culmination to Midsummer Boulevard and a gateway sign to the city centre.

Client: Hotel La Tour
Area: 12,555m2 / 135,145ft2
Location: Milton Keynes
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