Deloitte Offices

Deloitte had pre-let 44,000ft2 of this 206,000ft2 office building and opted to use the main project team to deliver a turnkey fit-out.

We worked closely with the Deloitte Estates team, making several presentations to management and staff, who were re-locating.

The design featured colours from the Deloitte corporate palette, which were expressed in moulded Corian and back-lit glass.

The entrance reception featured a shimmering blue coffee pod and illuminated etched glass stylised map of Milton Keynes, which also served as a stair guard.

The First floor was devoted to client meeting suites, with a touch-down desk in the lobby, whilst other storey were primarily open plan offices, with breakout cafe/ copying zones enlivened by wall size photographic images.

Area:4,087m2 / 44,00ft2
Location:Milton Keynes
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