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Cranswick Foods

A new processed meat production facility on a green field site in Milton Keynes.

As the first development on a new industrial area, we worked closely with English Partnerships to design a building to set a high visual standard for future developments in Milton Keynes.

The design features a simple production unit articulated into horizontal bands, with a deep cornice to mask the numerous service outlets.  The silver colour further reduces the scale of this 15 metre high block.

The administration and staff area repeats the articulation of the production unit at a smaller scale, and introduces semi-circular bays at the main entrance and in the offices.

The flanking bays and ends of the front block are clad in terracotta tiles which were purpose made to the curve of the bay- a first for the tile manufacturer.

We were involved in the design of subsequent expansions when Cranswick Foods purchased the building.

Client: Delico/ Cranswick Foods
Area: 8,500 m2 / 91,495ft2
Location: Milton Keynes
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