The Lakes Offices

Client: Hampton Brook Developments Ltd

Nine two and three storey buildings totalling over 80,000ft2 of office space in a urban edge setting. The development was completed in 4 phases, as occupiers sought to re-locate to this well situated park. We maximized development potential on a site with many constraints, including a flood plane. Flood defence strategies place all buildings on podiums, with external spaces providing attenuation and flood compensation.

Part of the site ownership was cut off by the new Bedford-Northampton road, but we persuaded Planners that we could place a 3 storey pavilion building on the remaining island site.

The design of the buildings carries forward a design developed for adjoining sites, which we had previously designed, to give a consistency to the whole. Banded brickwork is combined with punched windows under a clerestory strip and overhanging hipped roofs.