St Albans School Mathematics Faculty

Client: St Albans School

Submitted for Planning April 2016

The growing demand for Maths within the school is to be met by classrooms, breakout and study spaces, all forming a building dedicated to Maths teaching. The relocation of existing classrooms  releases space for the expansion of Science teaching.

The only large space within the existing campus lies between two existing buildings, occupied by a prefab housing the CCF shooting range. This accommodation will be rehoused in the semi-basement of the new building.

The constrained site determined the external form, with the front façade staggered to fit a curved access road. This façade is more or less blank because it faces a large wall of the sports centre and this blank façade is treated as a blackboard, still an important facet of Maths practice. Service and circulation spaces lie behind this blackboard, with teaching rooms arranged in a row facing the other, lower, existing building.

The roof is curved to reduce the scale of the long facades overlooking spaces between new and existing buildings.