Distribution Centres, Becton + Leyton

Client: Goodman Developments

Two simultaneous projects in East London, providing space for existing occupiers to re-locate to enable the 2012 Olympic site to be developed. Goodman and pHp were selected because of a track record of rapid delivery of economic B2 and B8 buildings.

The Becton project comprises 27 units, some terraced to provide letting flexibility, ranging in size from 5,000ft2 to 120,000ft2, to a total of 453,000ft2. Leyton comprises 5 units, ranging in size from 5,000ft2 to 115,000ft2, to a total of 166,000ft2.

The sites were remediated brownfield, with the projects forming part of a wider urban re-generation.

We overlapped base-build with fit-out, adapting to varied and changing tenant requirements within the overall construction programme.

The design of the Becton units is restrained and neutral, with emphasis provide by coloured trims and supergraphics. In contrast at Leyton we used boldly coloured stripes, with tones derived from characteristic colours of the neighbourhood, to break up the scale of the units.